Power Valley Enterprises

We are a group of companies whose focus is on Technology, Energy, IT, Industrial Automation, R&D, Reverse Engineering, and Project Management. Our team is working around the clock to accomplish the company goals. Our R&D/VAVE Engineering Group continuously works on designing top quality and reliable products.

Our Mission/ vision
  • To provide safe, reliable, high-quality, and the latest technology compression equipment and products to the industry.
  • To create value into our customer business growth and understand the expectations, needs, and wants by providing awareness of the latest technologies.
  • To innovate safe and reliable equipment, products, and services.
  • This will all be done with continuous improvement


We have a strong team and our team members are experts in Product Lining.

  • Mechanical Engineers: Design and Calculations
  • Software Engineers: PLC Programing and Remote Monitoring
  • IT Engineers: IT Support Networking
  • Manufacturing Engineers: Manufacturing and Production

Our Core Values

  • Our company is based on integrity, Honesty, Truth, and accountability for everything we do.
  • We will work as team and part of team
  • We will always work on continuously improvement of process, product and services.
  • We will Understand our customer expectations and met or exceed.
  • We will guarantee to up equipment run time and true redundancy.
  • We understand deliver quality work and finish project in time.